Steele Inc.

Full service prototyping and new product development.

CNC Milling

5 Axis, automatic tool changing, multiple operations, and any material capabilities.

CNC Turning

5 Axis, automatic stock feed, ultra large build size, and automatic tool changing. 

Laser Cutting

Texture design, lighting, image, and animation.

Water Jet

High res images, video, post editing and compositions.

Wire EDMs 

GUI, behavior flows, pyschological based design, and user interface.  

3D Printing

Market research, competitive analysis, strategy and partnership.

Electronic Fabrication

Logo design, graphic design, marketing strategy and implementation.  

Metal Fabrication

Front end, back end, user experience and SEO.

Our tools at your disposal

Our list of machinery justs keeps growing. We have the capability to produce virtually any part with any geometry, in any material. Our entire shop is at your disposal.


5 Axis Machining

The pinnacle of prototyping is CNC machining. We have a multitude of 5 Axis machinery that allows us to create virtually any part with any geometry. We can produce parts in virtually any material and any quantity. Our engineering staff can assist in choosing materials and their specific alloys. We can also give feedback on part design for manufacturability to cut both upfront costs and production costs.


Our CNC mills are some of the most capable machinery in the world. These machines are able to produce the most complex shapes using 5 axis technology.


Our lathes are all 5 axis CNC. They can produce circular parts at great speeds and in great quantities.


With LASER technology we can cut 2 dimensional shapes quickly and precisely. LASER cutters give us the ability to nest many parts in one sitting allowing us to produce a large quantity extremely quickly.

Water Jet

Our 5 Axis Water Jet cuts material using a high speed beam of water mixed with ablative to cut geometry out of any metal, plastic, or wood. Set up time is virtually zero and the speed is incredible.

Wire EDMs

Wire electrical discharge machining allows us to create fine features with incredible percision and accuracy. EDM can machine parts otherwise not possible with any other CNC technology.


Multi-Material 3D Printing

3D printing gives you an affordable yet quick turnaround where we can quickly test parts decreasing revisions and down time.

Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)

FDM builds layers of melted plastic on top of one another, one layer at a time. This technology is best used for basic proof of concepts and non functional parts.

Stereolithography (SLA)

SLA uses a beam of light to cure resin into solid, functional parts. Materials can be transparent, flexible, high temp, durable, and weather resistant.

Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)

SLS uses a laser beam to melt poweder layer by layer to produce a part. This is the only 3D printing method that can produce metal parts. SLS is reserved for final prototypes and metallic parts with complex geometry.


Electronic Fabrication

We have the ability to produce electronic products and solutions using advanced machinery and engineering expertise.

PCB Fabrication

Circuit board design and fabrication is a core competency of ours, giving you an advantage when working with us. We have the ability to produce single layer, double sided, multilayer, flex, and flex-rigid PCBs

Pick and Place Machines

Pick and place machines allow us to quickly and efficiently place components to a circuit board.

Electrical Assembly

We have a very competent and talented staff in our electrical assembly department, able to solder difficult parts with precision.

More than just a machine shop

Our core competency is new product development. This means we bring more than just prototyping to the table. We’re able to aid in part iterations and design for manufacturability.

Why our clients choose us.

Faster Turn-Around

We’ve refined and streamlined our entire prototyping process and we’ve automated much it to provide around the clock machine usage. Your part might actually be manufactured while you’re asleep. Because of this, we have twelve more hours in the day, seamless transitions and your product is in your hand that much faster.

Engineering Support

The biggest advantage with working with Steele is the access to immense quantity and quality of resources and expertise we pool from both in-house capabilities and through our partnerships.

One Stop Shop

The biggest advantage with working with Steele is the access to immense quantity and quality of resources and expertise we pool from both in-house capabilities and through our partnerships.

See what we can do for you.