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We create compelling product renders that elevate your brand.


 Steele is a product design company with a full range of rendering and visualization services. We create photorealistic product renders and animations for marketing, branding, and pre-visualization purposes. We’re versed in the latest industry software and techniques. Our 3D artists are highly skilled, passionate, and motivated. Our services are applicable to any industry, any product, and any client. Work with us to create some of the most beautiful, compelling renders on the market.

The geometry is there.


Make it speak to your customers.

Uses for Rendered Assets

Web Assets

Rendering is an incredible resource to have for web design and product presentation. Specifically, because lighting, product orientation, and setting can be 100% controlled. This results in assets that are optimized for web use in that their visibility, white background, and site speed are superior to taking a photograph with a camera. This saves time and money while giving you an impressive result.

Funding Presentations

Many times our renders are used to create product presentations for investment oppurtunities and crowdfunding efforts. By using rendering we can create impressive images and video that may just be what gets you funded.

Marketing Assets

Marketing can be print or digital and using our rendering services is beneficial for both. Lighting and orientation are controlled in such a way that we can grab a customer’s attention, convey a message, and convert them to a sale.



Product Visualization

We use rendering to visualize and aid our product design and development efforts. We do many preliminary renders to see what a product will look like and how it interacts with its environment. This gives us insight without having to prototype a physical object. This is an incredible advantage of rendering that cuts cost and saves time.

How does our rendering service stack up?




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"I couldn't imagine working with another company."

Jeff Hadaway, Rip-it

"The ability to see our design progress in 3D was incredibly valuable."

John Ambrose, L2 Putters

"A stark contrast from other CAD companies."

Denny Henshaw, TTSP

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