In January 2017 we began development of an exciting new product known as “Rip-it”. We knew from day one that Rip-it was going to be something that shook up the woodworking world by bringing CNC like precision, speed, and reliability to tablesaws all over the world. We’re excited to announce that their product is now live on Kickstarter!

Over the last year and a half, we’ve developed Rip-it from what was once a proof of concept into the groundbreaking product it is today. It all started with the inventor, our client, Mr. Jeff Hadaway. He invented Rip-it, formerly known as Pick-it:


The idea for Rip-it came to Jeff many years ago. Having worked on many projects over the years he saw a need and thought of a simple, elegant solution. He tinkered with the idea and eventually built the prototype pictured above. He then partnered with Steele Inc. in 2017 to fully develop Rip-it into a product.

Early Concept

We started with totally different concept. We opted for a more modern design with a full-color display giving us the ability to further the develop the design, provide updates, and add functionality.

A newer design

We looked at many different ways to construct the body including CNC water jetting and laser cutting a pattern to be folded into a unibody that would act as the fence and mount for the motor.

A matured mechanical design

Eventually, we came up with an even simpler and more robust solution.

Final Prototype

Rip it has gotten quite a bit of media attention including articles written by some of the leading publications for woodworking:

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Rip-it has become a key partner of ours and we are assisting them in further production support, branding, and overall development. We’re very excited to take Rip-it to market.


To learn more about Rip-it and or to pre-order click below:


To learn more about this project and the services we provided for Rip-it check out:

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