September 30th, 2018

Why a better looking design actually costs less to produce.

A more attractive, well thought out, and minimal design costs less to manufacture, assemble and market.

More is less.

Product design is a fickle beast, but there are some things that remain certain:

1. The more time you put into development, the less you pay later in manufacturing cost.





is a tool used by designers, and engineers to produce computer modeled representations of a design of a part, assembly, and product. CAD software is used to not only conceptualize and experiment ideas (digital prototyping, rendering) but it’s also edited and revised throughout development until it’s a final design.

If you tried to have anything 3D printed, CNCed, or injection molded, you were probably asked “Do you have CAD files?” They ask this because CAD file(s) either plural or singular, consist of geometry and dimensions, from which a part can be produced. Put simply, you cannot 3D print, CNC, or another automated manufacturing process without a CAD file.