Why Steele?


There’s no company quite like us.

Only when a product development company puts design first do you get an end product that’s resonates with the masses.

Too many development companies focus solely on features, engineering based requirements, and the end goal of “just make it work.” For us, that’s not a high enough standard. That’s why we offer every service needed to design, engineer, prototype, and produce products allowing us to always put design and the user experience first.


We blend exuberant design with the realities of physics and engineering in a way that lets nature work for you and your vision, not against it.

All-in-one service

You’d be hard pressed to find a service that we don’t offer. We’ve found that in order to truly realize a vision, it’s important for us to be able to offer most if not all of the services required for developing products.

Aesthetics first

Design aesthetic comes first and engineering follows suit. Design provides the walls and foundation for our engineering effort so that throughout the entire process we’re always thinking about the end user. This is what makes the difference between products that just work and products that create a cult following.

Brand focused design

We focus on creating products that create a powerful brand. The products we design should speak about you, your company and ultimately your brand. Our goal is to design products that people can stand behind, making them fiercely loyal.

We’ve designed our company like we would any product: With customer experience as foundation for every decision that we make.

We have two jobs: Build a fantastic product. The second is to provide fantastic customer service while doing it. Our goal is to develop long lasting relationships with our clients so that we can continue to improve not only our business but yours. For us there is nothing more rewarding than being apart of the creation of new products and companies.


We’re constantly perfecting the way we manage projects and interact with our clients allowing us to perfect the products we design. One of those instances is our wildly popular “3D Updates.”

A look at our “3D Updates”

We take customer service so seriously that even our contracts went through rigorous design iterations so that they’d not only provide everyone with legal protection but that the subject matter would be understood quickly and efficiently.


We’re paid hourly for the services we provide. Your idea is yours. Your IP is all yours. We don’t own anything. This has always been our business model. We’re paid in increments, before each milestone is started giving you the power to sign off before the next phase of work commences.

3D updates

We send out a link in an email, you click it, and instantly you can see your design in 3D. You can rotate the design, make notes, take measurements, take screenshots and show off your design to anyone all from your browser.

Comprehensive contracts

Clear, concise contracts and Statements of Works ensure that everyone is always on the same page and that there are never any surprises. Your IP is always protected and we never own anything that you paid for.

Flexible payments

Flexible milestone-based payments give you a level of control over your project that most companies fear. We embrace this idea. You pay for each milestone we reach. We complete X,Y and Z for this amount and at this time. You have to ability to check quality each step of the way before signing off on the next milestone.

Our prebuilt board based off STMF7 microcontroller

We’re here to support you like no other company can.

Our unabashed, rigorous and critical take on design and development of new products and the way we offer services is what makes us who we are. Every detail matters. Nothing was done without a reason and without extensive testing and analysis. This ideal permeates throughout the entire company, our brand, the development of your product.


We’ve worked hard to build up an immense infastructure of propreitary prebuilt platforms, software, and hardware. We bring decades of experience into every project we work on. Adapting and learning every step of the way, continually improving our development skills and our customer service.

Pre-built solutions

Pre-built software and hardware gives us the ability to focus on the bigger picture. It allows us to prove concepts and decrease time to market.

Cross industry experience

Cross-Industry experience Not enough can be said about the power of using cross technologies to build cutting edge products.

Post NRE Support

We’re truly interested in long term relationships. We want to support you every step of the way. Whether it’s branding, web dev, or fulfillment. Our goals are your goals.